Tom's Diner (a cappella version) by Suzanne Vega

this song is the reason why we have MP3 files.

'Suzanne' as an Internet personaity would be influenced by this song, or rather the history this song is part of, as it would be a nod to the singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega who is known as 'mother of the MP3'. While Suzanne quit YTMND, some new pages with memes would be created here on to avoid the drama from users on

an abridged list of examples of YTMND-esque sites to showcase:

Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Somers in a hottub in MAP14 of Doom II

Tom's Diner on a computer screen

DISCLAIMER: none of these pages link to ytmnd[dot]com, nor are affiliated with it, even bans embedding of any content using ytmnd[dot]com as a domain, and that the images, GIFs, and audio are all hosted on other websites that host the media, and that any content hosted on ytmnd[dot]com has to be re-uploaded to elsewhere to be embedded on This project here was simply a response to the development of an alternative to YTMND, and these pages were generated using some beta versions of HTML code generators for an alternative community that is still under development.

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and just for fun, we got another GIF of Suzanne Vega, or the 'mother of the MP3' to see.

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