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Here in Suzanne Vega's computer lab, we'll be showcasing all sorts of images of computers we can all admire from past times.

here we see a all-in-one Mac from the mid-90s playing footage of old iPod commercials from the 2000s, and below, is an iPod which plays MP3 files, and two color changing iPods are aside of the computer. While Suzanne Vega is mother of the MP3, might as well pay homage.

A meme GIF with a computer screen of footage of the music video for Tom's Diner, the song that brought us MP3 files.

A laptop GIF from glitter.graphics.com. This laptop was posted since that website was visited for more ideas on what to add to SEFY.

A laptop with a cat on the keyboard. This image was added to the SEFY home page for humor.

An old style TV with Leonard Cohen sitting next to actress Suzanne Somers in the jacuzzi in MAP14 of Doom II. The jacuzzi room in The Inmost Dens level of Doom II is actually dark, so a light amplification visor cheat code of IDBEHOLDL was used to give it lighting, and also, NO MONSTERS mode was used to remove an Imp from that level for this photo.

But one thing to know is that Suzanne Somers was not the lady that Leonard Cohen's Suzanne song was actually about, as this image was made as previously made as a silly prank to other Leonard Cohen fans prior to becoming "eye candy" for SEFY.

TVs like these served as precursors to modern computer monitors, so that's one reason why it has been showcased in this computer lab, and not to mention that a Doom II level is seen on it too.

Also, TVs in this visual style would also be the kind people watched Three's Company on, and sometimes used as a monitor for the Apple II computer, seeing as Three's Company came onto TV in 1977, the same year that the Apple II first came out. Actress Suzanne Somers was in Three's Company, and that's one thing she was famously featured in. Some of these TVs would even be in use until the 90s when Step By Step came on. Step By Step also had Suzanne Somers in it, and the show debuted one day before Leonard Cohen's birthday, more reasons to make references to Leonard Cohen's songs!

A Dell computer with Suzanne Somers on the computer screen saying "I Love You". This image was used as an image post for some guest books of other Neocities users.

Other factoids that might be worth stating here is that Dell's founder Michael Dell had a wife named Susan, and the name Susan is a name that's so similar to Suzanne, that it's actually a cognate of the name. Although there's been a few instances of women named Suzanne who don't like being called "Susan". They're actually pronounced differently, but other than that, and spelling differences, and different languages assopciated with them, they're the same name otherwise.

This computer consists of a GIF made in late September of 2022 where Suzanne, and her friend who is also named Suzanne greet guests to SEFY.

A photo of the IRL Suzanne Somers laying down on a laptop keyboard with Windows 3.1 Solitaire shown on the screen. Just so you know, this is actually a photoshopped photo made to emulate the style of image of ladies or cats sitting or laying on laptop keyboards in some Geocities-era GIFs and stills as those pack lots of nostalgia.

This image has been made to be seen on the new (as of late 2022) home screen for SEFY, and was also posted on October 16th of 2022, which would be the 76th birthday of the IRL celebrity of Suzanne Somers, while SEFY mostly portrays a fictionalized version of Suzanne Somers as a Geocities-era Dollz type lady, while musician Suzanne Vega also is portrayed like that too. The real life Suzanne Somers and Suzanne Vega celebrities aren't documented as being friends of each other, while SEFY portrays a fictional friendship of them regarding computer technology.

It should also be noted that the IRL Suzanne Somers was born in San Bruno, California which is near the city of San Jose which is known for being part of the Silicon Valley area where the corporate HQ's of computer companies are, which of course comprise of computers that play MP3 files of audio seeing as the other Suzanne, Suzanne Vega is mother of the MP3.

below, are some more images of computers. Some of which are old GIFs from the old days of Geocities.

Desktop Computers, and most other types>

Laptops, and portables, and handhelds