This here is the cutting room floor for images, GIFs, old webpages, etc. from SEFY

These images were removed from other SEFY pages for some reasons, but are still worth seeing.

Former home pages:

The Matrix Zone

The Matrix Zone is a new name applied to the old homepage that's been in use between the years 2019 to 2022. It has seen a few incremental changes over time, and it even got a few minor changes when it got renmaed to The Matrix Zone.

this page got renamed to The Matrix Zone when
a new simplified homepage was also made as a supposedly temporary homepage to serve as a junction for the present-day Matrix Zone, and a new site map, since ideas for a new homepage with more content were still being brainstormed.

An older precursor to The Matrix Zone

  • A link to the former home page from prior to November 22nd, 2019
  • NOTE: since the home page has been updated with a some changes, the old page before it shall be preserved as a historic relic of this project while the primary home page has it's own changes to be made. This page would experience some changes since the "YTMND" part of this project's name would be changed to say Youth instead so as to avoid any trademark infringement with Max Goldberg's old YTMND page from years ago, and also because SEFY has become more Geocities-esque, than YTMND-esque after several edits were made to it over time. Some links to YTMND-esque pages on this SEFY project would stop playing audio for some web browsers, so it was time to move their links to a historic page, rather than keep them on the main page as some more Geocities-esque aestheitcs would be added to this project.

    Fast-forward to the 2022, and the name Suzanne's Escape From Youth would be yet again, renamed to Suzanne's Electronic Fun Yard.

    Former welcome page images:

    this image of Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Somers in a MAP14 jacuzzi from Doom II. Formely used as a gag photo for the welcome page, replaced with a similar image for more eye candy

    this image was used to reference YTMND, but avoided use of the famous YTMND logo to avoid trademark infringement, but later on SEFY changed the "YTMND" part of it's name to say Youth instead, to further make it's connection to YTMND less apparent as SEFY was starting to become more Geocities-esque than YTMND-esque after several page edits.

    this image which is a modified version of the above has been replaced by a new collage of retro icons related to computers and Geocities nostalgia.

    A red carpet style marquee with the two Suzanne ladies, this welcome banner has been replaced by a 90s style computer!

    An earlier version of the collage of computer-related icons with the two ladies named Suzanne who represent SEFY on each side of the marquee that says the site name. When the website got renamed to Suzanne's Electronic Fun Yard which SEFY also stands for, some items in the image got moved around to make way for a redesigned marquee, along with new icons beond added to this image, some new captions about Suzanne Somers and Suzanne Vega, the two Suzannes of SEFY would replace the old ones with a different font, and some existing text from this image would be moved by a few pixels to also make way for various new icons since Neocities user empeethree, aka "Suzanne" felt that more references to 90s computer culture and etc. should be displayed in the image. This old image would be named "Susannah.png" as an reference one of many names that Suzanne is the French variant of, and, various images of the lily flower would be added in select places of the image as an homage to the fact that the name Suzanne (along with Susannah) are name cognates which derived from an ancient Hebrew name that meant Lily, and the revised image where all the changes have been made uses the filename of Shoshanna.png as a nod to that.

    Former images from the home page prior to November 2019:

    Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Somers in a hottub in MAP14 of Doom II
    A smaller version of the source image that would be used as a gag image for the welcome page, both this, and the bigger image from the home page and subsequent welcome page respectively, have each been replaced with a special version with a vintage TV wrapping around it, to give kinda a Three's Company type vibe.

    an earlier version of the color changing iPod GIF, swapped out with a higher rez variant without the earbuds, or mis-aligned image placement on some frames, the replacement GIF also doesn't have square-shaped white background.

    This image used to occur 8 times on the home page, but then got replaced with single GIF where they appear more random, and with a computer on top inside it.

    Former home page images (2022-present):

    Between the years 2019 and 2022, the home page hasn't seen any image removals, but there's been some removals since late 2022.

    A home page change notice marquee using Windows 3.1 style aesthetics, has been enlarged to 2x size, with the dimensions adjusted, and also, the modified version of this Win3.1 style marquee has also had some adjustment to the font kerning, and has deviated from being perfectly in scale with enlarged pixels, with some other deviating adjustments for some style.

    Message images:

    The images seen here were previously uploaded for the purpose of sharing in the guestbooks of other Neocities users, since some of those guestbooks also include image sharing.

    The lovely Suzanne Somers says "I love you" to fans!

    More info:

    The idea of calling this page the "cutting room floor" was inspired by past moments of visiting a website called which documents removed or unused elements from video games, so it was realized that some page revisions might involve anticipated removal of some images, but we want to make sure guests are still able to see old images for amusement or nostalgia purposes.

    This cutting room floor page might see a few more sections added to it in the future, as more changes get made to this SEFY website.

    more images coming here in the future, if any get removed from any SEFY pages...

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