This here is the cutting room floor for images, GIFs, etc. from SEFY

These images were removed from other SEFY pages for some reasons, but are still worth seeing.

Former welcome page images

this image of Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Somers in a MAP14 jacuzzi from Doom II. Formely used as a gag photo for the welcome page, replaced with a similar image for more eye candy

Former home page images

Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Somers in a hottub in MAP14 of Doom II
A smaller version of the source image that would be used as a gag image for the welcome page, both this, and the bigger image from the home page and subsequent welcome page respectively, have each been replaced with a special version with a vintage TV wrapping around it, to give kinda a Three's Company type vibe.

an earlier version of the color changing iPod GIF, swapped out with a higher rez variant without the earbuds, or mis-aligned image placement on some frames, the replacement GIF also doesn't have square-shaped white background.

This image used to occur 8 times on the home page, but then got replaced with single GIF where they appear more random, and with a computer on top inside it.

More info:

The idea of calling this page the "cutting room floor" was inspired by past moments of visiting a website called which documents removed or unused elements from video games, so it was realized that some page revisions might involve anticipated removal of some images, but we want to make sure guests are still able to see old images for amusement or nostalgia purposes.

This cutting room floor page might see a few more sections added to it in the future, as more changes get made to this SEFY website.

more images coming here in the future, if any get removed from any SEFY pages...

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