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Here's some images with a link to the page:

basic 88x31 buttons to share:

this here is the first 88x31 icon made to represnet SEFY:

this here is a simple marquee of the acronym if you'd like to use that instead:

This button here depicts supermodel Suzanne Somers, and musician Suzanne Vega, aka "mother of the MP3" as Geocities-era dollz: (new entry):

This here is a larger version of the above button:

this here is another Geocities-esque button with dollz portraying the two Suzanne ladies.

This button has been made as a reference to the bordered marquee used for a front page introduction message with retro computer icons from the 90s.

This button is a reference to the marquee used in the Network Neighborhood page in SEFY.

This button is a miniaturized image of a real life photo of Suzanne Somers tilted sideways, as this one is of her laying down on a laptop keyboard albeit shrunk down into a 88x31 button.

Check out these bumper sticker style banners:

This banner is a modified version of an image used as the introductory message for the welcome page, this one was made fit in a form factor similar to a bumper sticker, and it makes a good banner for sharing the site.

You also have the option for a smaller version of this bumper sticker banner:

Here are some TVs to share:

giant TV to share it with:

A smaller TV to share the site with:

An even smaller TV to share this site with:

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a greater variety of banners and buttons will be here in the future, page under consturction